Yost holds admiration for La Russa

Yost holds admiration for La Russa

WASHINGTON -- Ned Yost will match wits with Cardinals manager Tony La Russa this weekend in the all-Missouri Interleague series at Kauffman Stadium. It's something that Yost often did in his time as manager of the Milwaukee Brewers, and he considers La Russa a sharp adversary.

"I never understood situations when he managed and they may be ahead, 6-1, in the seventh and there'd be two outs and nobody on and he'd call time out and bring a lefty in," Yost said.

"And I'm like, 'What's he doing?' But I got great insight into him when he invited me to be one of his coaches for the All-Star Game. What he does is he literally scripts the game in his mind before the game even starts."

Yost observed that La Russa rarely deviates from his script, bringing in a pitcher as planned here or using a pinch-hitter as planned there.

"It's all scripted in his mind and more times than not, it plays out. But he has that ability to do it," Yost said. "I can sit here and try to script the game all out and it never works out that way. I've got to try to work two innings ahead instead of nine innings like he can do."