Yost downplays significance of 500th win

Yost downplays significance of 500th win

KANSAS CITY -- Ned Yost notched the 500th victory of his managerial career in Sunday's 6-2 win at Cleveland but he attaches no special significance to the milestone.

"No, not really," Yost said. "If you can get to a thousand, that would be nice and that's when I'll start looking at it. I think it puts it all into context that I got 500 losses two years ago. Five hundred wins is nice but it's not anything to make a big deal about it."

The victory over the Indians put Yost at 500-554 including a 43-52 mark with the Royals and 457-502 in six years with the Milwaukee Brewers.

He sees progress with the Royals.

"We're setting the foundation for what we expect to be a nice championship run," he said. "I don't want to take time doing it - I wish I could snap my fingers, but it's not that easy. It takes time and you have to get the right players in place, the right system in place, the right style of play in place and those things take time."