DeJesus recovering on schedule

DeJesus recovering on schedule

KANSAS CITY -- Outfielder David DeJesus, working to return from right thumb surgery, is making progress.

"I can at least start grabbing things now," DeJesus said on Monday.

He also has started wearing a glove on that hand -- the thumb protected by a removable cast -- and catching a thrown ball although very carefully.

DeJesus was hurt on July 22 at Yankee Stadium, when he jammed his glove hand into the wall while trying for a catch. He underwent surgery four days later.

"It's getting there, it's feeling good," DeJesus said. "The doctor said eight to 10 weeks and we're at week seven right now. So it's right on schedule. I went last week to Cleveland and the doctor said the motion's getting good, the surgery looks like it's going well, all the scar tissue in there is healing like it's supposed to be healing."

Although DeJesus would like to play before the season ends, he admits that probably won't happen due to the risk of re-injury.

His recovery is going so well that he can even shake hands again, sort of.

"I give 'em the limp," he said, grinning.