Dyson moves lineup with his wheels

Dyson moves lineup with his wheels

DETROIT -- After his big game on Tuesday, rookie Jarrod Dyson earned another start for the Royals in Wednesday's rubber game.

Dyson went 3-for-4 with two doubles, three runs scored, a walk, a stolen base and his first big league RBI in the Royals' 9-6 win. Most of his big night resulted from his speed, which has impressed manager Ned Yost.

"Speed is my game," Dyson said. "That's my main tool. Speed doesn't go in a slump, it's not supposed to at least. I try to do whatever it takes to get on base, especially with ground balls, to keep the ball out of the air because then you always have a chance."

Unfortunately, he wasn't able to carry over Tuesday's success at plate in Wednesday's 4-2 loss. Dyson went 0-for-4, but used his speed to help him in center field. Through the first four innings, he was called upon four times, including a nice running catch in the second inning on Jhonny Peralta.

Blanco was the only Kansas City batter to have any success against Tigers starter Max Scherzer on Wednesday. He went 2-for-3 against Scherzer and had three hits overall, while the rest of the Royals' lineup went 0-for-21 with eight strikeouts and two walks against Scherzer.

Dyson was the Royals' 50th and final round selection in the 2006 First-Year Player Draft. Although he has great speed, he never ran track when he was younger. Instead, he played slot receiver on the football team throughout high school, utilizing his speed in both the passing game and running game.

But in the end, Dyson thought his quickness would be better suited in baseball.

"He's an interesting little guy," Yost said. "He can do a lot of things with his speed. [Pitching coach Bob McClure] and I were sitting there trying to think of another player in the AL that has his speed. It's just burning speed."

If Dyson's wheels weren't enough leading off, Gregor Blanco hit in the two-hole for the first time, and also played left field for the first time this year -- all in an effort to load up the top of the lineup with speed.

"I'm excited to see what it looks like," Yost said. "We have a lot of speed in the outfield. We cut the gaps off. I think it's an interesting concept to see what we have in both of those guys. Versatility is important in building our team next year.

"I think everybody likes speed. Speed is something that's hard to find. I think it's real interesting to see if we can cover gap to gap, and line-to-line, and see what happens."