Royals' bullpen sporting their 'Fauxhawks'

Royals' bullpen sporting their 'Fauxhawks'

KANSAS CITY -- There's a common hairstyle in the Royals' bullpen, especially for the younger pitchers. It's the spiked, sky-seeking "Fauxhawk" that splintered off from the old Mohawk.

Closer Joakim Soria, as the bullpen dean, is rumored to have ordered that the four bullpen rookies -- Jeremy Jeffress, Aaron Crow, Tim Collins and Nate Adcock -- affect the 'do's as an initiation. Not so, Soria insists, saying the lads just decided on their own that it was a cool look. Actually, Soria has a suggestion of his own "Fauxhawk" which he says is natural, a point fashioned by his ball cap. Anyway, just to fit in, second-year pitcher Kanekoa Texeira joined the rookies.

The spikes are in the early growth stages just now but it's a long season.

They've all got nicknames that blend with the hairstyle, Adcock said, noting that he became "Redhawk" by virtue of being red-headed.

Crow is a natural, "Crowhawk." Collins, who stands 5-7, is "Minihawk." Jeffress, an African-American, is "Blackhawk." Texeira, who's from Hawaii, is "Alohawk."

"Lot of hawks," Texeira said. "Hopefully, they work."