Royals Caravan ends Kansas tour

Royals Caravan ends Kansas tour

A three-day trip through Kansas ended on Wednesday for the Royals Caravan, as the group visited Wichita, Emporia and Lawrence in a luxury bus that third baseman Mark Teahen said made the players feel like "rock stars."

One of the rockers, pitcher Todd Wellemeyer, had stirred up some notice earlier by telling Teahen and outfielder Shane Costa that he planned to run for president in 2020. He talks about that and oh, yes, the Caravan:

"This is going to be a serious mission. Teahen might actually get the job as campaign manager. I know he wants it. He doesn't really want to be vice president. He'd rather be press secretary because he's so smooth with the media.

"The trip went well. There was a lot more support than I thought there'd be out there. I'd done three of these prior to this with the Cubs, and everywhere you went, there was all kinds of people. But this was good support and a lot of positive stuff coming out of the fans.

"I guess there's a big difference between the NL and AL, because I got a lot of stuff like, 'You're the youngest guy on the trip. Last year was your first year.' All kinds of stuff. I guess if I'd have played with the Cardinals, it'd be a different story. I've always been under the radar, though.

"I did have some comments today, though, on my run for the presidency. They wished me all the luck. They asked me what party I was going to run on, and I said I couldn't disclose that just yet. I've got about 12 years to decide that. Who knows?

"But we do have a rock-star bus. We've got our own little room back here with the television and the full satellite, all the movie channels.

"It was a long trip, with a lot of stops. We just had an interview with the Lawrence radio station, and I don't know if my brain cells were firing all the way. I don't know if any of us were.

"But it's worth it. I know the fans were certainly appreciative of it."

With that, Wellemeyer excused himself. After all, there was a presidential speech coming up on TV. It's homework, you know.

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