Dyson sprains ankle, out of game

Dyson sprains ankle, out of game

Dyson sprains ankle, out of game
KANSAS CITY -- Speed demon Jarrod Dyson left the Royals' game in the first inning on Sunday with a sprained left ankle but apparently is OK.

X-rays were negative and the Royals expected that Dyson might be ready to play by the next game on Tuesday night against Baltimore.

"It's a little sore but it's all right," Dyson said. "I'm gonna be all right -- I'm tough, I'll tough it out. I don't like to be down for any injuries."

Dyson, leading off against Minnesota, hit a liner into left field and tried to stretch the hit into a double. But, sliding into the bag, he was tagged out by second baseman Luke Hughes on a throw from Rene Tosoni. Dyson appeared to land awkwardly as he started his slide.

"I was about to slide and I realized I had no shot [to be safe] so I tried to stop myself from sliding and couldn't get my feet underneath myself," Dyson said. "Full speed, it's tough to stop."

He was replaced in center field by Mitch Maier, who scored three runs and contributed a triple, double and walk as the Royals beat the Twins, 10-3.

Dyson was kept on the Major League roster primarily to be used as a late-inning pinch-runner and had stolen seven bases in seven attempts. Recently manager Ned Yost decided to use him in a starting role more frequently.

On Sunday, he took Melky Cabrera's spot in center field, the fifth game he'd started this season. His single was his third hit in 16 at-bats.

"It's what they call a grade one strain, just a sprained ankle that's not very severe. He could quite well be available on Tuesday," Yost said. "He caught his spike but there was no popping, there was no swelling in it so he's going to be all right."