Royals seek players to fit their profile

Royals seek players to fit their profile

CHICAGO -- Clubhouse chemistry just isn't something on which the Royals are willing to compromise.

After troubled pitcher Carlos Zambrano was ejected from the Cubs game on Friday night, cleaned out his locker and threatened to retire, Royals manager Ned Yost stressed the importance of team chemistry within a ballclub.

"Chemistry is real important," Yost said. "It's real important inside your clubhouse. Especially when you're trying to turn your team into a winner. [Problem players] can be a distraction. I don't know Zambrano. I don't know the situation. I do know that chemistry is important, though."

Yost explained how Royals scouts look at more than just the athletic ability of potential players. It's a total-package deal.

"Character and makeup -- our scouts do their homework," Yost said. "They judge his tools, but they also do everything they can do to understand, analyze and make sure that each individual player has the makeup to help us win a championship. That's important."