Moose big on 'D' with secret little glove

Moose big on 'D' with secret little glove

OAKLAND -- Royals manager Ned Yost noted that, despite his slow start at the plate, Mike Moustakas has been providing stellar defense at third base.

Moustakas has a little secret: a little glove.

He uses a training glove or mini-glove in practice, a Rawlings mitt that looks made for a Little Leaguer. But many players use it as a tool to improve their fielding and Moustakas is a true believer.

"It keeps your hands down and makes you actually feel the ball, make you catch the ball in the right part of the glove," Moustakas said. "You don't have a lot of room to miss. So when you're fielding ground balls you have to be a lot more perfect, a lot more fine to be able to get it right in that little area."

He said the mini-glove measures just 9 1/2 inches from bottom to top while his normal glove is 12 1/4 inches. Moustakas has been using it since his Minor League days.