Francoeur taking his hacks in No. 2 spot

Francoeur taking his hacks in No. 2 spot

KANSAS CITY -- Jeff Francoeur is getting his first taste of batting in the two-hole in a Major League lineup and he kind of likes the idea.

"I mean, I just want to hit wherever you're at," Francoeur said.

He was moved up when Lorenzo Cain went on the Royals' disabled list and a right-handed hitter was needed to bat between left-handers Jarrod Dyson and Eric Hosmer. Francoeur is more of a slugger type, not normally expected to slap a ball behind the runner.

"I think I can do that when you need to," he said.

How about those sacrifice bunts?

"I don't think I've had any. Maybe early in my career," Francoeur said.

Actually, Francoeur had one sacrifice hit, in 2009 for Atlanta.

"His game has evolved now where he can do those things where he couldn't before," manager Ned Yost said.