Second-base rotation paying dividends

Second-base rotation paying dividends

Second-base rotation paying dividends
KANSAS CITY -- Royals manager Ned Yost is in the enviable position of having two second basemen performing well. Chris Getz and Yuniesky Betancourt each started six of the first 12 games.

"Yuni's swinging the bat really well with the threat for the long ball, Getzy's driving the gaps, getting on base. They're both playing great defense," Yost said.

Getz's career has revolved around his excellent defensive work at second base. Betancourt has been a shortstop previously in his big league career. Could he be better at second base?

"The answer to that might be yes," Yost said. "He's very good over there."

The presence of the left-handed and sharp-fielding Eric Hosmer at first base next to Betancourt probably helps him.

"Yuni's got more range up the middle than he does in the 3-4 hole and it helps that Hoz is over there," Yost said.

Going into Friday night's series opener against the Blue Jays, Betancourt was hitting .320, Getz .292.

"It's not a platoon thing, because if it was, Getzy'd be playing against right-handers. So I just kind of go day-to-day," Yost said.

Betancourt, the right-handed bat of the two, started on Friday night against right-hander Kyle Drabek and had the only homer among the two entering the night, but Getz has been showing significant pop this year.

"If I broke down every at-bat, a lot of the outs have been solidly hit. Just sensing where I'm at offensively, I'm in a good place," Getz said.

Getz made some changes in his left-handed swing over the winter and the ball has been jumping off his bat.

"It's in there," he said. "Sometimes you've just got to tap into it."