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Francoeur's defense catches Leyland's eye

Francoeur's defense catches Leyland's eye

Francoeur's defense catches Leyland's eye
DETROIT -- Right fielder Jeff Francoeur is working on his second hundred outfield assists, and he gets a figurative high five from Tigers manager Jim Leyland.

Francoeur threw out Jhonny Peralta trying for third base in the fourth inning of the Royals' 9-3 loss on Tuesday night. Peralta went for third on Ramon Santiago's single with two outs.

"With two outs, it probably wasn't the smartest thing. But if there had been one out, he should have gone," Leyland said. "Francoeur's unbelievable, but Francoeur is a perfect example of what I talk about with outfielders all the time. There's a lot of outfielders that have really good arms, but they never throw anybody out because they don't trust their hands. They're not sure if they're going to catch the ball. They take too long to make sure that they're going to catch it and they have it, and then it's too late. This guy, he really trusts his hands. He and [Alex] Gordon both have tremendous hands. So if they get to the ball, they trust their hands, consequently they get rid of it quicker with something on it. This guy might be the best."


That was Francoeur's 101st assist. He reached the 100 mark on Friday night at Minnesota by completing a double play after making a diving grab in right field.