Following knee surgery, Perez making strides

Following knee surgery, Perez making strides

KANSAS CITY -- Salvador Perez, the Royals' catcher-in-waiting, will celebrate his 22nd birthday on Thursday. He's already had a nice present: His surgically repaired left knee is doing well.

"It's good, it's perfect," he said.

Injured during Spring Training, Perez is due for another extensive checkup at the 10-week mark from surgery, which comes in three weeks. He's not expected to be playing again until around the All-Star break in July.

At the moment, he's able to do some throwing and is hitting some flipped tosses in the batting cage. Perez isn't running yet, though. He's traveling with the team as he continues to recuperate.

Any special plans for his birthday?

"I'm going to take a flight for Chicago and that's it," he said.