Collins getting his kicks with plenty of K's

Collins getting his kicks with plenty of K's

KANSAS CITY -- Royals reliever Tim Collins might want to start spelling his last name with a 'K.' It would certainly be appropriate.

The lefty has been on quite the strikeout kick lately, having set down seven of the last nine batters he's faced via strikeouts entering Thursday's series finale against the Orioles.

Collins struck out five of the six batters he faced in two innings of relief Tuesday night against Texas. On Wednesday, Collins pitched the 10th frame of the Royals' 4-3 loss in 15 innings against Baltimore -- striking out two of the three batters he faced.

"I've always been able to get strikeouts, but I've had quite a bit lately," Collins said. "It's not so much mechanics -- it is to an extent -- but it's just being able to go out there and get strike one, and being able to command all my pitches."

Some pitchers try to get fly balls or ground balls for their defenders. Collins is more about taking care of business himself.

"I'd be lying to you if I told you I wasn't trying to strike guys out," Collins said. "As a bullpen guy, I'm just trying to go out there and get three outs, or six if I'm going out there for another inning. If I'm getting ahead and I've got a chance to strike a guy out, I'm going to try to strike a guy out. I'm not a big pitch-to-contact guy. Obviously, there's certain situations where you have to, but I'm trying to get some strikeouts."