Yost prefers Gordon taking a lead role

Yost prefers Gordon taking a lead role

CLEVELAND -- Alex Gordon was in the Royals' leadoff spot for the fourth straight game and for the 15th time this season on Wednesday, and manager Ned Yost likes him there.

"Gordy's hitting better from the one-hole. That's why we put him back there. He's just got a different approach in that spot," Yost said. "Get him settled, he hit there the majority of last year and did really well. He feels comfortable there and that's why we put him back there -- to get him comfortable and get him going."

Gordon was 2-for-4 in Wednesday's 6-3 victory over the Indians and is 6-for-17 in his last four games at the top of the order. Yost sees him getting more good swings even on outs.

"It seems like it's working," Yost said.

The best spot, statistically, for Gordon this year has been the No. 2 spot (.343 in 18 games). He had never started a game in the two-hole before this year. But in his career, Gordon's best success has come as the leadoff man, with a .290 mark, including .305 in his breakthrough 2011 season.

Yost believes that Gordon tends to take more pitches and is more selective when he bats first.