Teahen using Brett model during streak

Teahen using Brett model during streak

CHICAGO -- Maybe Mark Teahen is onto something. He went into Wednesday night's game with an eight-game hitting streak, achieved with an official George Brett model bat.

How's that for a link with Royals history?

"I've been using it for weeks and weeks -- two," Teahen cracked.

Actually, according to Teahen, the Brett Brothers Bat Co. sent some bats to the club recently and he latched onto a M110 model.

"I was swinging a 34 and I wanted a 33 1/2 and I've been rolling with it for a while. It feels comfortable in my hands," he said, adding with a wink, "and I'm expecting a big contract from George."

Perhaps the Brett model could take him into the .390 territory that George reached in his memorable 1980 season.

"I wouldn't expect any other results," Teahen said.

In his second at-bat, Teahen hit a double to extend the streak to nine games.

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