Perez says knee is fine after double duty

Perez says knee is fine after double duty

KANSAS CITY -- After catching two full games in his return to the Royals, Salvador Perez is pain-free.

"My knee feels 100 percent, I feel nothing in my knee," Perez said on Monday. "It's unbelievable what they did."

Perez underwent left knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus on March 16. He returned on Friday night for the Cardinals series and caught all nine innings before taking off on Saturday. Perez again caught nine innings on Sunday -- with the temperature hovering at 100 degrees.

"It was hot. I lost like 10 pounds during the game," the 240-pound Perez said.

Perez was back in the starting lineup for Monday night's series opener against the Rays. In his first two games, Perez was 3-for-8 with a home run and three RBIs.

In addition to all the squatting that goes with catching, Perez has had no problems with his running.

"Perfect," he said, adding with a grin: "I think I'm faster now."

There will be no match race, however, between him and superfast teammate Jarrod Dyson.