Brett leads youth clinic at All-Star FanFest

Brett leads youth clinic at All-Star FanFest

KANSAS CITY -- George Brett, a Hall of Famer and Gold Glove Award winner, knows how to get baserunners out when they're caught in a rundown. But not even Brett could catch the elusive Zach Yarbrough.

Yarbrough, 12, from DeSoto, Kan., participated in a youth baseball clinic with the Royals legend at All-Star FanFest on Friday at the Kansas City Convention Center. In addition to receiving batting tips from the 13-time All-Star, Yarbrough avoided tag after tag as a baserunner.

"That's crazy," Yarbrough said, still a little out of breath from running between second and third base. "He was a third baseman and a first baseman, and you figure an easy out right off the bat. I'm surprised."

The clinic was the first of many featuring former Major Leaguers that will be held on the diamond at FanFest from Friday through Tuesday. Brett, the All-Star ambassador, kicked things off with a short interview, followed by participating in soft toss with the kids. He tossed balls to older kids like Yarbrough, while working on positioning the bat with younger players. He also provided some sliding tips to the kids during the baserunning portion of the program.

What advice did the member of the 3,000-hit club give the young Yarbrough?

"Just that I need to power forward instead of falling back, put more power in the ball and make it go farther," Yarbrough recalled. "He's one of the best hitters ever. That's just the best advice you can get."