Duffy spending healing time in Kansas City

Duffy spending healing time in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY -- A fresh, smiling face was back in the Royals' clubhouse on Saturday -- left-handed pitcher Danny Duffy, who has been absent since undergoing ligament replacement in his left elbow. He'll be continuing most of his rehabilitation work in Kansas City.

"I feel great, a lot of my range of motion is back," Duffy said. "I'm just trying to cheer on the squad, get the pom-poms and we're good."

Duffy was 2-2 in six starts this year before having Tommy John surgery on June 13. He's been rehabbing in Arizona.

"It's tough not being around them, but you've got to do what you've got to do," he said. "I'm lucky to have the team bring me back here and have the chance to rehab out here."

Clearly he hopes to be back pitching at some point next season.

"Opening Day is just around the corner," Duffy said.