Weary legs don't keep Cain from lineup for finale

Weary legs don't keep Cain from lineup for finale

KANSAS CITY -- Lorenzo Cain was in the Royals' lineup again on Thursday, but his legs, at least, are still not 100 percent.

"The thing we've got to do right now is get Cain's legs underneath him. He's probably about 85 percent," manager Ned Yost said.

Cain, after missing three months with two injuries in his left leg, played his seventh game since returning from the disabled list. In Wednesday night's 8-7 victory over the Mariners, Yost was prepared to give Cain's legs a break late in the game.

"We were going to defend [Jarrod] Dyson for Cain in the seventh inning if we had the lead, but we boxed the ball around so much we let 'em tie the score and I couldn't do it," Yost said. "I had to keep Cain's bat in there."

Cain was in right field instead of center field on Thursday with Jeff Francoeur getting a day off.

"In right field he won't have to move around as much, we'll let Dyson patrol center field today and it's a good day to give Frenchy a day off," Yost said. "We'll probably give Cain a day off tomorrow."

Francoeur's day off coincided with Frenchy Quarter Thursday, a weekly event where fans in the right field seats get gold T-shirts and Mardi Gras beads. On an earlier Frenchy Quarter Thursday, Francoeur was ejected in the second inning.