Paulino spends quality recovery time with KC

Paulino spends quality recovery time with KC

KANSAS CITY -- Injured starting pitcher Felipe Paulino has a long road to travel before returning from Tommy John surgery, but his spirits were up as he was around his teammates on Sunday.

Paulino underwent ligament replacement surgery on July 3, and he said he has one more week until starting his rehab work. The right-hander has been working on cardio and core work in the time since his surgery.

"It's going to be long. I have to be patient with myself," Paulino said. "I know it's going to be long, but I'll try to go slow, like it's supposed to be and try to make it my goal to back next year by May."

Paulino said that Sunday was his first time being around his teammates in a while, saying that he normally comes in early before they arrive to the ballpark.

He joins fellow Tommy John rehabber Danny Duffy, who has recently been spending time with team. Manager Ned Yost said it's important to have the two around.

"It's good because they're both great guys. But it's good for them, too," Yost said. "Especially for Duffy to be here, watch games, learn from [pitching coach] Dave [Eiland] and watch how pitchers pitch. It's a learning experience for him, too. So it's good for both of them."