Moose knows all about turning double plays

Moose knows all about turning double plays

SEATTLE -- The Royals' Mike Moustakas, gaining notice for his defensive play this season, entered Friday's play leading all Major League third basemen by participating in 32 double plays.

Moustakas deflected credit to second basemen Yuniesky Betancourt and Chris Getz, shortstop Alcides Escobar and first baseman Eric Hosmer.

"It shows a lot about our infield. With Getzy and Yuni being over there and able to turn it, and then Esky with all the range he covers, it just lets me to get balls a lot easier," Moustakas said. "And then you've got to take into account when the second baseman doesn't get a good feed from me and he has to rush his throw, and then Hoz is over there picking it up. With those double plays, it's nice because it's all of us, it's not just me -- it's all the infield working together."

Moustakas also credits the coaching he's received the last two years from third-base coach Eddie Rodriguez and in the Minors from Mike Jirschele, Mark Harris and Brian Rupp.

"My job over at third is easy. All I have to do is field it and get it over to the guys that make the plays. On a double play, all I have to worry about is catching it and getting it over to Getzy or Yuni, and they have to do hard part in turning it," he said.