Moustakas set to judge fans' Moose calls

Moustakas set to judge fans' Moose calls

Moustakas set to judge fans' Moose calls
SEATTLE -- "Mooooooose!!!"

It's the call heard at Kauffman Stadium almost every time Mike Moustakas comes to bat or fields a ball.

It's also heard at times on the road, such as Anaheim where Moustakas' family and friends congregate.

So now, of course, the Royals are having a Moose call contest.

"The best moose call gets a prize or what-not, and I'm going to end up being the judge of it, I think," Moustakas said.

That he is, and the person who submits the winning moose call video gets two game tickets, a chance to meet with Moustakas and recognition at the Sept. 1 game against the Twins when the first 10,000 fans will receive official "Moose-takas" antlers.

What are the judge's criteria for a winning moose call?

"Just see who's the best at it or who's the funniest -- I don't know, I haven't figured that one out yet," Moustakas said.

Moustakas knows what a real moose sounds like.

"I've heard those," he said. "I don't know what they're coming up with on this one, though. It ought to be pretty good."

During the series at Seattle, there's another moose in the house -- the team mascot known as the Mariner Moose. So far, Moustakas has not met him.

"I haven't even gotten to shake his hand, which is kind of disappointing," Moustakas said. "No conflicts of interest. He may have some hard feelings against me, but I don't have any against him."

Hey, they might be related.

"It could be. We don't know. We need to get together and talk about it, at least before this series is over," Moustakas said. "I know I look more like him than he does me."

For information, go to The deadline to enter is Aug. 20.