Cain, Saunders are reunited at Safeco Field

Cain, Saunders are reunited at Safeco Field

SEATTLE -- The opposing center fielders in this series, the Royals' Lorenzo Cain and the Mariners' Michael Saunders, were teammates on the Tallahassee Community College baseball team in 2005.

"He played right field and I played center," Cain said. "He was a good player."

Cain is from the Tallahassee area, but Saunders is from Victoria, British Columbia. How did the Canadian end up playing for a Florida community college? Turns out, Saunders was on the Canadian junior national team that trained at Disney World's stadium -- and a lot of Florida coaches got a look at him. So he was recruited by Tallahassee CC.

"It was a blast. A lot of fun. It was my first experience in the U.S. playing college sports," Saunders said.

Cain has great respect for his former teammate.

"He's 6-5, he can run, he can hit, he can throw, he can do it all," Cain said.

Ditto for Saunders.

"Lorenzo has quite a story," Saunders said. "I don't think he picked up a baseball until he was like 16 years old. He's just an amazing athlete and makes the game look easy. It was a pleasure to play alongside him."

Now, seven years later, they find themselves on the same Major League field.

"It's a small world," Cain said.