Cain's legs showing improvement on the field

Cain's legs showing improvement on the field

KANSAS CITY -- The fact that Lorenzo Cain's legs aren't at 100 percent has been well documented. But it looks like Cain might be making some progress.

Cain has been playing right field in the last three games with hopes of taking some pressure off his recovering legs. But in the game's other aspects, Cain is using his legs to their full extent.

Once on the team's recent West Coast trip and again Tuesday night against the Indians, Cain swiped a bag. The steals are the first two of the season for Cain, who spent almost the entirety of the season's first half on the disabled list.

Manager Ned Yost, who evaluated Cain's legs at 85 percent in recent weeks, said he's also seeing improvements.

"They're getting there slowly but surely," Yost said. "He's feeling better, getting down the line really well. He stole a base on the road, stole a base here. We're doing better in that respect."