Holland taking same approach as closer

Holland taking same approach as closer

Holland taking same approach as closer
BALTIMORE -- Greg Holland, going into the Baltimore series, looked back on his first nine days as the Royals' closer and said he's not approaching the assignment any differently.

"I'm just taking it as another inning," Holland said. "That's been my mentality, just go out there and approach the situation like you would in the seventh or eighth inning. It just happens to be the last three outs -- and the only way to really get into any extra trouble in the ninth inning is to think about it as the ninth inning."

When he closed out Jeremy Guthrie's victory on Wednesday night at Chicago, Holland had three saves in three chances since Jonathan Broxton's departure on July 31. Holland also was charged with the first run in his five appearances, giving him a 1.50 ERA.

That also gave the Royals a 5-0 record in the five games in which Holland had pitched since Broxton left.

"I feel like the more opportunities I get, the more chances we get at winning games. That's the big part of it. We played really well three days in Chicago and I got two chances. So hopefully we get a couple more here in Baltimore," Holland said.

Usually when a closer doesn't get into a game, it's because the Royals are behind or because they're winning a blowout.

"Hopefully you're blowing them out," Holland said.