Dyson cleared to play when Royals call

Dyson cleared to play when Royals call

BALTIMORE -- Royals center fielder Jarrod Dyson's slightly sprained left ankle kept him in the training room most of Saturday, but he was better.

"He can play. He still feels it a little bit, but we can use him," manager Ned Yost said.

However, the speedy Dyson likely wouldn't be used as a pinch-runner and, in fact, might be rested until after Monday's off-day. It depends on the Royals' needs.

Dyson was injured in the eighth inning of Friday night's 7-1 loss as he blasted a drive over Orioles center fielder Adam Jones, normally a double, but wound up a single because Dyson twisted his ankle.

"I watched the replay and it was weird. He rolled it when he swung," Yost said. "Normally when you roll your ankle when you swing, you don't hit the ball the way he hit it."

Dyson stayed on first base after assuring Yost he was all right, but was pulled immediately after the inning when he was seen favoring the leg.

"When you tell me you're OK, I'm gonna believe you but I'm also going to watch you like a hawk," Yost said. "If there's any change in your gait, you're coming out."