Guthrie shares fan's-eye view with friends

Guthrie shares fan's-eye view with friends

BALTIMORE -- Not often a player in uniform is sighted in the stands of a big league park, but that was the case for ex-Orioles pitcher Jeremy Guthrie before a game the other night at Camden Yards.

"My church here has a night at the ballpark every year and so I've done that for the last few years," said Guthrie, now with the Royals. "It coincided with us being in town, so the draw was it was a bunch of people I know from church and their families and friends that were at the game."

So Guthrie went into the stands to greet visitors from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Baltimore.

"I just go up there every year and anyone who wants a picture or autograph or say hello or whatever," he said. "I just spend a few minutes up there. It's nice to see a lot of great friends and people I worked with and that did great things for me and my family."

Guthrie spent five years with Baltimore before being traded to Colorado before this season. The Royals obtained him from the Rockies in exchange for pitcher Jonathan Sanchez.

"You probably won't see me in the stands normally but, on a night like that, yes," he said.