Royals outfielders going deep on defense

Royals outfielders going deep on defense

BALTIMORE -- Royals outfielders are playing a bit deeper these days, manager Ned Yost said.

It's particularly true with center fielder Lorenzo Cain and right fielder Jeff Francoeur, not so much with Alex Gordon in left.

"We needed to play a little deeper because of Cain's legs, and Frenchy's slowed down a little bit," Yost said.

According to Yost, the adjustment was made prior to last week's staff change in which Rusty Kuntz took over for Doug Sisson as the outfield coach.

A plus: "You catch more balls over your head," Yost said. Downside: "You don't throw as many guys out running the bases, you don't get to balls quick and you don't get those bloopers."

Cain is still gearing up after missing much of the season with left leg injuries.

"It's coming along, I really haven't let it loose yet," Cain said. "I'm just kind of easing into it, but it's feeling real good right about now."

Meanwhile, outfielder Jarrod Dyson's left ankle sprain from Friday night is healing and he's available if needed.

"It's still a little sore but if he calls on me, I'll be ready," Dyson said. "I'll be all right, it's no biggie."