Cain breaks up lefties hitting in eighth spot

Cain breaks up lefties hitting in eighth spot

KANSAS CITY -- Jarrod Dyson's sprained left ankle was healed but Lorenzo Cain, a right-handed batter, was in the Royals' starting lineup on Tuesday night against A's right-handed starter Jarrod Parker.

Recently, Cain had been batting primarily in the middle of the lineup, usually third or fifth.

"We moved him down to the eight-spot as pure protection. They've got four lefties in the 'pen. If you stack your lefties, it just makes it easier for them," manager Ned Yost said.

So he had Cain batting behind left-handed Eric Hosmer and just ahead of lefties Chris Getz and Alex Gordon.

"Now, if they bring in a lefty to face Hoz, they've got to make a decision," Yost said.

That would be to either have the left-hander stay in and face right-handed Cain or bring in a righty with two left-handed batters coming up, then maybe use another lefty. Chess, anyone?