Yost wants to give Moustakas extended break

Yost wants to give Moustakas extended break

KANSAS CITY -- First baseman Eric Hosmer and third baseman Mike Moustakas were out of the starting lineup Friday with Chicago's tough lefty, Chris Sale, on the hill, but Moustakas was called in to replace an injured Chris Getz in the sixth inning.

Before the game, Royals manager Ned Yost indicated that Moustakas might get more time off, due in part to his slumping bat. After going 1-for-2 in Friday's 4-2 win, Moustakas is hitting .153 in his past 17 games.

"He's been grinding. He's been playing hard. He's just gotten to a point where his bat's slowed down a little bit, been struggling a little bit," Yost said. "It's a good time to take a little bit of a break and get back on track."

Yost added that the Moustakas' right knee, tweaked a few weeks back in Seattle, is feeling better.

"It's kind of gotten better. He still feels it a little bit, but it's definitely something he can play through," Yost said.