Royals bow out of Furcal bidding

Royals bow out of Furcal bidding

The Braves may or may not have Rafael Furcal officially, finally, and fully signed-sealed-and-delivered on a new three-year contract. But the Royals, once a suitor for Furcal, are definitely out of the picture.

General manager Dayton Moore said on Tuesday that while his club would have loved to add Furcal, the bidding simply didn't work for Kansas City. The Royals were considered a serious contender for Furcal's services at one point, but they were unable to re-jigger their payroll in order to accommodate the speedy shortstop.

"At the end of the day, it probably wasn't going to work financially with what we'd already done and what they were seeking," said Moore, who knows Furcal from when both were with the Braves previously.

Thus, it appears that the 2009 Royals are pretty close to being formed. After signing Kyle Farnsworth over the weekend, Kansas City would likely need to trade away salary in order to take on any more. Moore explained that the club expects to have a payroll approximately 25 percent higher in 2009 than in 2008.

That's not to say Moore is closed to improving his club. But he'll have to be creative about it.

"I would say it's ears open," he said. "For us to pursue somebody -- anybody that we would add at this point in time, we would have to subtract [someone] because of where we are financially."

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