Bo discusses upcoming documentary

Bo discusses upcoming documentary

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Royals fans watching the video clips at Kauffman Stadium last season saw Bo Jackson hitting monster home runs, climbing an outfield wall and making The Throw in Seattle. At times, the two-sport star seemed like Superman as he played baseball for the Royals and football for the Raiders.

Jackson, in a teleconference on Wednesday promoting a new documentary on his extraordinary career, said it was all normal for him. He didn't consider himself "a phenomenon" as one questioner called him.

"I would never call myself that. I'm just being me. I think you all labeled me as that, or the phrase that most of my buddies, my teammates used, a freak of nature," Jackson said. "But the stuff that I was doing throughout college and through my short pro career, I was doing that when I was a teenager, when I was 12, 13, 14 years old. It was normal to me. My friends and people that I grew up with and parents of my friends, they would say, 'Oh, we used to see him do that all the time. That's nothing new.' And that was normal for me."

The toughest thing about his two-sport career?

"Simple: Going to the supermarket and shopping and trying not to be recognized. That's it," he said. "Because I am the cook in the family, I do all the cooking. I don't allow my wife around sharp objects, so I do all of the cooking ... Sometimes back when I was doing both sports, that got a little hectic going to the supermarket in Kansas City, going to the supermarket in Los Angeles, and that was about it. Everything else was just fine."

Fans can view the new film, "You Don't Know Bo," when it premiers at 8 p.m. CT Saturday on ESPN following the Heisman Trophy presentation.