Farnsworth's setup role not in danger

Farnsworth's setup role not in danger

CHICAGO -- One eighth-inning failure has not cost Royals reliever Kyle Farnsworth his status as a setup man.

A day after Farnsworth gave up a game-losing, three-run homer to Chicago's Jim Thome, Royals manager Trey Hillman allowed that he might switch off to Juan Cruz or Ron Mahay in Wednesday night's game but not because of that.

"Because of the number of pitches and the fact that we try to get other guys involved as much as we can, there's a chance it could be Cruz or Mahay, but not at the expense of just simply trying to sit Kyle, so it really depends on what the situation is," Hillman said.

"Early in the season, I'd like to get all the bullpen guys into the mix, but not at the expense of doing something that is counter-productive to get the outs that we need."

Hillman indicated before the 4-2 Opening Day loss that all three of those pitchers would be used in late-inning situations.

"I don't have in the plans to change Kyle from being a seventh-, eighth-inning guy. Mahay and Cruz and Farnsworth knew it coming in that they could be mixed and matched in the seventh and the eighth inning, so it's not anything different," he said.

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