Cain shows little rust with highlight play in center

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Lorenzo Cain has been back from a hand injury for just three games, but he's obviously sharp in center field.

With the Royals clinging to a 3-2 lead in the ninth inning on Friday, Cain went deep into right center field and caught Ryan Ludwick's smash to start the inning.

"I thought it was going to go a little further. I had to stop, make an adjustment, get back in and make the play," Cain said. "That's what I'm trying to do, be a playmaker out there."

Cain bumped the wall near right fielder David Lough, then changed gears.

"I got back to the wall, then had to come back in a little bit. I slipped a little bit on the warning track. It's Arizona and it's a little dry. It felt kind of hard out there," Cain said.

Last year, in the fifth game of the season, Cain ran into the Oakland wall making a catch and sustained a leg injury. That, along with a subsequent injury during rehab, cost him the next 78 games. But Cain's determined that won't be a deterrent.

"I don't get worried. That's what I do. I run to the wall and try to make every play out there," he said.