Yost not worked up about perfect spring record

GOODYEAR, Ariz. -- Make no mistake. Royals manager Ned Yost is not going to get very worked up about a undefeated team in Arizona.

"It's just Spring Training. Nothing matters until April 1," he said before Sunday's game. "Your whole focus is to try to ramp things up, bit by bit, so that April 1 everything comes together. Is being 8-0 at this time really important? No. Is it nice? Absolutely. But it doesn't mean anything. What means something is that we're taking our steps and we're healthy doing it."

So it wasn't any more important, but a little nicer, when the Royals improved to 9-0-1 with Sunday's 8-1 victory over the Reds.

"A whole lot to like, nothing to dislike," Yost said. "We had some really good pitching, some really good hitting, some good defense. We're just playing really, really well right now."

No doubt. The Royals not only are Spring Training's only unbeaten team, they have the Major Leagues' highest team batting average at .338 and the lowest team ERA at 3.00.