Meche pain-free after latest start

Meche pain-free after latest start

KANSAS CITY -- On the day after Gil Meche pitched, the Royals right-hander felt no pain in his back.

"I feel like myself. I feel good," Meche said on Monday afternoon.

That's good news for the Royals after he threw 116 pitches over six innings in a 7-5 victory at Minnesota on Sunday. The previous start -- last Tuesday night against Toronto -- he had to leave in the fourth inning because of lower back stiffness.

"I've never had back problems, so why it started this year, I don't know," he said. "It kind of started in the offseason, and I noticed some pain in Spring Training and it's kind of been ongoing for a while. I just thought it'd be cured by the time the season started."

Meche was bothered by stiffness early in the Arizona camp, but he seemed to be well over the problem by Opening Day.

"I did more core work than I ever did in the offseason and lost a little bit of weight," he said. "You'd think doing that you'd get healthy as heck and you'd feel great, but for me -- whether I was doing the wrong exercises or not and tightened up muscles I shouldn't have, I don't know -- something happened and the result was soreness."

For now at least, there's no pain.

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