Players continue to be main focus for Yost

Players continue to be main focus for Yost

KANSAS CITY -- Last season, manager Ned Yost told a story about how he'd use a false name when placing his order at Starbuck's. After all, no need to alert folks that "Ned" was there, and they could give him some helpful ideas on what to do about his struggling club.

So does he still use an alias now that the Royals are battling for first place?

"I still am right now. It's because now we're doing so well," Yost said with a smile.

Then he explained why.

"This has never been about me, I don't want it to be about me," Yost said. "I want it to be about those 25 guys in there. So I kind of like to stay low-key, really. I like it to be about them."

Yost wants the players to be the focus of attention.

"That's what it's about. It's about them and their success," Yost said. "As a manager and as a coaching staff, every day come to the park and do whatever we can do to help these kids get better. We work 'em on the field, we support 'em. We pat 'em on the rear end if they need it, they get a little kick in the rear end if they need it. But having confidence in them and understanding that it's about them is a good philosophy to have."

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