Jirschele's number to be retired by Omaha

KANSAS CITY -- Royals third-base coach Mike Jirschele will have a special moment during the All-Star break. On Thursday night at Triple-A Omaha, his uniform No. 23 will be retired by the Storm Chasers.

Jirschele managed the Omaha club for a total of 14 seasons. His accomplishments included two Pacific Coast League championships and the Triple-A championship in 2013.

"Being there all those years, I won over 1,000 games and everything, but I was there a long time, too. I also lost over 1,000," Jirschele said.

"But players are the guys that win games and I've had some good staffs there working with me, and they've all done a great job."

This is Jirschele's first season on the Major League staff after a total of 17 years of managing in the Minors plus five years as the Royals' Minor League infield coordinator.

"I enjoyed all the years I was in the Minor Leagues, working with the kids, trying to make them better and get them to the big leagues," Jirschele said. "Of course, all the times I've had the opportunity to send guys up here to play were very exciting."

The number 23 had no special significance for Jirschele, it just happened to be what came along when he took the job.

"I wore it pretty much the whole time I was there," Jirschele said. "In fact, the one year I didn't wear it was the year Zack [Greinke] was there and he asked if he could wear it. I said, 'Yeah, he can wear it.'"

Not only will his number be retired, but the first 1,500 fans at Werner Park will receive a Mike Jirschele bobblehead. In addition, the game against New Orleans will be nationally televised by the CBS Sports Network.

"Omaha, to me, was a great place to be," Jirschele said. "You couldn't be in a nicer city. The fans were all good there and it almost feels like I'm going back home again because I've spent so much time there."

Dick Kaegel is a reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.