Betancourt's miscue stings Royals

Betancourt's miscue stings Royals

ARLINGTON -- Pitcher Zack Greinke was in a forgiving mood, but Royals manager Trey Hillman wasn't after shortstop Yuniesky Betancourt's dropped a popup on Friday night in the Royals' 4-1 loss.

With the Royals down, 1-0, in the second inning, one on and two out, the Rangers' Matt Treanor hit a high popup that Betancourt settled under. But the ball popped up out of his glove, a run scored on the error and Greinke had to make nine more pitches to end the inning.

"I told Yuni, 'You've never missed that in your entire life,' " Greinke said. "He's as good at pop flies no matter how high they are, no matter how windy. He's probably the best I've ever seen at catching those, I mean really, really good. And so that just wasn't normal."

Hillman could certainly see that, but without being specific, said he took "action" on Betancourt.

"It's not what beat us, we didn't have enough offense to do it, but it affects the atmosphere," Hillman said. "With Yuni, nobody feels as bad as he does. He feels terrible. Does that make the result any better? No, it doesn't make it any better. It makes us look bad. Major League players shouldn't drop popups and they certainly shouldn't drop it when they're going one-handed and off to the side."

Betancourt seemed as perplexed as anyone.

"That's the first time that's happened to me," Betancourt said with Jose Guillen helping as translator. "I just dropped it."